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We moved to a new location

As of the 1st of November, REGULUS-system company will
move to a new headquarters. Therefore we kindly ask to
correct your database - from this day, correspondence should be
adressed to a following adress.
Please include this change in invoices and agreements.
Other company info remains the same. 
REGULUS-system Wójcik s.j.
ul. Grażyńskiego 51
43-300 Bielsko-Biała

How to increase the radiator thermal power?

Grzejniki centralnego ogrzewania Sollarius

REGULUS-system recommends a fan suitable for installation under radiators - radiator power increased by up to 30%. Increasing radiator power without increasing size  (...)


REGULUS-system radiators in systems equipped with a buffer

A trend can be recently observed in heating to diversify the sources of heat in heating systems. Heating systems are often equipped with two or more heat sources. Users of such systems can manoeuvre the heat sources depending on changes in operating costs, fuel availability, season, heating requirements in relation to hot water needs, handling capabilities, etc. The problem in the use of such complex systems is their configuration. (...)

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