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Warranty terms


The REGULUS®-system radiators are covered by a 25-years’ warranty (the warranty covers the leaktightness of the radiator water system). The lifetime of the radiators is comparable with that of copper installations and can be as many as several dozen years!


REGULUS®-system spółka jawna (general partnership) with its registered office at 51 Grażyńskiego Street in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, gives a warranty for its products: REGULUS®-system water-filled radiators.

The Manufacturer declares that the REGULUS®-system radiators are made in accordance with the EN-442 European Standard.

The Manufacturer’s warranty covers the leaktightness of the radiator water system. The warranty period varies depending on the place of application, thus, it is:

25 YEARS for radiators for facilities with microclimates typical of residential premises, offices and the like.

10 YEARS for radiators for facilities with high moisture of air and an increased hygiene and health regime, like swimming pools, car washes, drying rooms, vessels, commercial premises and all kinds of industrial buildings, including the port infrastructure.

  1. This warranty does not affect any of the consumer’s statutory rights relating to the product type’s incompatibility with the sales agreement.
  2. The User’s rights under this warranty may only be exercised via the company, from which the product was purchased. They may be exercised directly at the Manufacturer’s only if the point of sale, in which the product was purchased, has been closed down.
  3. This warranty shall be valid from the date of purchase as specified in the purchase document. The User’s rights under this warranty may only be exercised upon production of the purchase document along with the confirmed Warranty Card.
  4. If an event covered by the warranty occurs in the warranty period, the complaining User can demand the radiator to be replaced with another one of the same type.
  5. The new product shall be given to the User at the place of defect notification within 14 days from the date of notification. On reception of the new product, the User shall return the faulty radiator, unless the event has occurred during the ongoing heating season. In such a case, the faulty radiator shall be returned after the actual replacement.
  6. The Manufacturer shall cover the costs of the replacement of the faulty radiator with a new, fault-free one after receiving the relevant bill. The costs of this service shall be agreed on between the Manufacturer and the User in advance.
  7. Warranties for the control fittings shall be provided by their respective manufacturers.
  8. The Manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the functions and durability built in the thermostatic valves in bottom-fed radiators. These are covered by their manufacturer’s warranties.


  1. Any defects resulting from misuse of the product. Permissible system operating parameters: Water temperature – 110 °C, operating pressure – 1.5 MPa.
  2. Leakages resulting from incorrect installation of the radiator, the valve air vent or their components, and particularly from defrosting or using wrong sealing materials. Side-fed radiators are fitted with a rotatable half union for front sealing with gaskets.
  3. Defects and inconveniences resulting from incorrect installation or incorrect plumbing adjustment of the radiator and system water pollution.
  4. Mechanically damaged products (in particular with traces of impact, scratches, dents, twists - e.g. air vent or pipe sockets) shall not be subject to replacement.
  5. The warranty shall be void when the User or anyone else modifies or repairs any product of the REGULUS®-system company without authorization.
  6. The warranty shall be void when the mechanical filter mounted on the power supply of the central heating system, to which the REGULUS®-system radiators are connected, is removed. This particularly refers to a system with steel components.
  7. The REGULUS®-system company reserves the right to modify its products without prior notice.


  1. Any kind of divisor mounted on the external surface of REGULUS®-system radiators, provided this does not damage the radiator water system.
  2. REGULUS®-system radiators mounted within open central heating systems.
  3. Radiators mounted within systems supplied directly by the municipal heat distribution network, not by way of a heat exchanger.
  4. Periodic emptying of the central heating system, provided the other system components allow for such an operation and the operation will not make the components corrode.

The User receiving the product together with the Warranty Card accepts all the above warranty terms.