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REGULUS®-system trench heat exchangers are covered by 25 year warranty. The warranty covers tightness of heater’s water system. The lifespan of Reguluses is comparable to lifespan of copper installation and can reach even tens of years!


REGULUS-system s.j. seated in Bielsko-Biała on 51 Grażyńskiego, hereby grants warranty on its products: water central unit heaters REGULUS-system.

The producer declares, that heaters REGULUS-system are manufactured according to demands of European standard EN-442.

The warranty given by producer, includes tightness of heater water system. The period of warranty is differentiated according to the place the heaters are used in:

on trench heat exchanger (heater), installed in objects characterized by microclimate specific for residential or office areas.

On trench heat exchanger (heater), installed in objects with above average humidity and increased sanitary regime, such as swimming pools, laundries, drying rooms, vessels, service locales or any other industrial objects, including harbor infrastructure.

On remaining elements of the system (platforms, trenchs, frames)

  1. The following warranty does not hamper nor suspend buyers rights, resulting from product inconsistence with purchase agreement.
  2. Warranty entitlements of the client, must be implemendeted via company, in which the purchase was made. Directly at the producer, only in case, were the point of sale was liquidated.
  3. The Warranty begins with the date of the purchase, shown on the proof of purchase. Warranty rights, without showing the proof of purchase together with confirmed Warranty Card, will not be respected.
  4. In case of event covered by warranty, during period covered by warranty, the complaining User has the rights to replace the product on new of the same type.
  5. New product will be issued to User in place of filing a complaint, in 14 days from the date of notification. The user is bound to return the faulty product, unless the event has place during ongoing heating season. In that case, the return will occur after actual exchange.
  6. The producer will cover the cost of replacement of the product on new, free of faults, after receiving the appropriate bill. The value of such service must be previously agreed upon with the producer.
  7. Modulating valves and fans are covered by Warranties given by their producer.
  8. The producer is not responsible for size disparity between platform and frame caused by installation error. Platforms and frames are fit loosely ( about 1 mm). Inner platform frame width is strict and equals:
    For SOLO product line – 243 mm;
    For DUO, QUATTRO product line – 343;
    For DUBEL product line – 393 mm;
  9. The warrant of trouble-free work of trench heating system is keeping heating trenches clean.
  10. REGULUS®-system company reserves right to make changes to its products without prior notice. 


  1. Defects, resulting from misuse of the product. Acceptable installation work parameters:  water temperature - 110°C, working pressure – 1,5 MPa.
  2. Defects and inconveniences resulting from inappropriate assembly (inconsistency with assembly manual, attached with the product) and improper hydraulic adjustment of heater and pollution of water in installation.
  3. Defects resulting in inappropriate electrical connection or as a result of surges in power supplying installation.
  4. Mechanical defects.
  5. The warranty expires immediately, when User or anyone else, without permission, conducts modifications or repairs of REGULUS-system products.
  6. Warranty expires, when central heating installation, in which REGULUS-system heaters are connected is absent of mechanical filter, mounted on water feed.
  7. Warranty does not cover normal operational activities, connected with using the products, such as it’s connection or cleaning.
  8. Wooden platforms – stored or exploited in inappropriate way – in high humidity environment or without proper chemical protection of the wood. Warranty does not cover natural wearing off of the products (platforms, frames). Warranty does not cover natural work of wooden platforms. 


  1. Setting up any kind of divisor, on outer surface of REGULUS-system heaters.
  2. Installing REGULUS-system heaters in open central heating stytems.
  3. Installing heaters in installations powered directly from city heating system, without  mediation of heat exchanger.
  4. Periodic flushing off the water form c.h. installation, as long as other elements of the installation permit such operation, and it will not cause their corrotion. 
User receiving product together with this Warranty Card accepts all of the above terms of the granted warranty.