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natural convection
fan-assisted circulation
modular trench heating
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The arrangement of modern interiors creates more and more complications for designers, often wall heaters are waste of space, and traditional surface floor heating, requires special preparation of building construction. The best solution in this case is trench heating.

Trench heaters can heat rooms independently. They quickly respond to any demand for heat and are easy to control, being at the same time easy to stop and control. Trench heating system, not only throughoutly warms up interior, but they also protect the room against inflows of cold air from terraces or balconies before large glazing, in entrance vestibules and halls.

Trench heaters can heat selected, crucial parts of large rooms, omitting the other parts or rooms (zonal heating). The appropriate arrangement of trenchs allows us to divide the space with a combination of air curtains. The heaters placed in an underfloor heating trench do not limit the space, to świetne rozwiązanie ze względów estetycznych.

Trench heaters of REGULUS-system company are offered in three versions: trench heaters without a fan (Solo, Duo, Quattro, Dubel), trech heaters with a fan (Triovent, Quattrovent) and modular trench heaters (Fractal)

Trench heating with a fan is used in shallow heating trenches in TRIOVENT and QUATTROVENT. Trench heater with a fan creates huge possibilities of controlling the dynamics of heating – 3 gears of the fan. 

The heaters placed in an underfloor heating trench do not limit the space but they are an excellent solution in heating sports venues, sacred buildings, antique houses, commercial premises, exhibition salons, car showrooms and other facilities where the vital aim is, apart from the heating function, to maintain good visibility through display windows.

It’s worth to choose trench heaters REGULUS-system!

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