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Technical features


Each set of the modular canal floor heating REGULUS-system FRACTAL CANAL consists of three basic components: the initial module (terminal), intermediate modules, and the final module. Each of the above mentioned modules consists of the canal trough with a factory-mounted appropriate section of the platform frame and a relevant segment of the copper and aluminium exchanger.  The canal trough and the platform frame as well as the exchanger segment are equipped with connectors that allow them to be connected in an easy, stable and durable way into a full set (see Fig. below).
Made of an aluminium profile; anodised in standard  into
natural aluminium colour (C-0) or other, on request..

Made of galvanised sheet; covered with powder paint RAL 9005 (black matt).
Made of copper pipes with densely mounted aluminium lamellas; covered with powder paint RAL 9005 (black matt).
1. Frame connector
Element that connects and stabilise the linearity of connection of the heating canal platform frame sections.
2. Assembly skid
Element that stabilise the width of the canal trough segment and, at the same time, provides support for the exchanger.
3. Canal trough connector
Element that connects individual segments of the heating canal trough and provides linear stabilisation for the exchanger.
4. Connecting sleeve
Mechanically pressed Viega or Sanha sleeves which join copper pipes of the exchanger segments into a whole (supply, passage, return).


Grzejnik modułowy FractalFRACTAL CANAL system consists of three basic types of modules: initial module (1), intermediate module (2), and final module (3).
Initial module, final module and variable number of intermediate modules form complete sets of heating canals of easily calculable, determined length and heating capacity.


The trough segment together with the platform frame of the total length of 400 mm, with a built-in exchanger module equipped with GZ 1/2” installation terminal and an air vent.  At the other side the exchanger ends in pipe stubs (DIN 15).
Initial modules:
- for DUO 100 – marking – DS040
- for QUATTRO 150 – marking –  QS040
The trough segment together with the platform frame available in four lengths. The exchanger segment installed in the intermediate module has at one of its ends factory-pressed Viega (292 690) or optionally Sanha connecting sleeves, whereas at its other end it has pipe stubs (DN15), onto which connecting sleeves of the next exchanger segment are pulled.

Intermediate modules for DUO 100
(total length) marking:
- DM060 – 600 mm
- DM080 – 800 mm
- DM100 – 1000 mm
- DM120 – 1200 mm
Intermediate modules for QUATTRO
(total length) marking:
- QM060 – 600 mm
- QM080 – 800 mm
- QM100 – 1000 mm
- QM120 – 1200 mm
The trough segment together with the platform frame of the total length of 400 mm, with a built-in exchanger segment equipped with reverse-end collectors.
Final modules:
- for DUO 100 – marking – DF040
- for QUATTRO 150 – marking –  QF040
Segment of a canal through with platform frame with net length of 800 mm, comprising two heat exchanger modules: initial and final.
It allows to perform additional connection to supply another heating element. Using the appropriate number of connecting modules it is possible to merge the heating channel of any length (over 440 cm for the version DUO and over 380 cm for version QUATTRO). Connection holes are located in the side wall of the canal through.
Connecting modules:
- for DUO 100 – marking DC080
- for QUATTRO 150  – marking QC080