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Technical features


Elementy składowe - konwektora

Components of the trench heating system: Floor layers:
1. Trench platform  1. Flooring 5. Foam, insulation
2. Platform framing 2. Glue 6. Styrofoam
3. Trench heat exchanger 3. Basis 7. Damp insulation
4. Trench trough 4. Raw concrete 8. Concrete


The platform colloquially called: grill, grille, grate. It can be made of aluminium of wood. 
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Permanently fixed on the trough flange of the heating trench already in the unit completion phase. The upper framing edge defines the depth to which the trough is embedded in the floor. The edge must be perfectly faced with the final floor level. The platform framing is made of aluminium. It transmits the load of the platform to the ground.


REGULUS®-system CANAL trench radiator (trench heat exchanger) consist of two systems: a water system and a heat dissipation system.
The water system is made up by a copper exchanger, a pack of evenly distributed horizontal copper heat pipes that are fastened together at the ends with copper cumulative collectors. The pipe-to-collector seal is made by soldering (brazing solder).
The heat dissipation system is made up of horizontal copper pipes closely connected with vertical lamellas of aluminium sheet. These make up a dense system of pipe ribs forming numerous convection trenchs and a wavy surface of the radiator walls.
The combination of copper and aluminium is a dry connection and that is why no electrochemical corrosion occurs in it. The radiators are painted the RAL 9005 powder paint (black matt). 



The trench trough is made of zinc coated and powder painted sheet (RAL 9005, black matt). Trough depth 100-700 mm. Small depth troughs of the underfloor trench heating system can also be easily installed in the ceiling between the storeys.
Interior width of the trough making up the heating trench: 200, 300 or 350 mm. The upper wider portion of the trough forms a flange, on which the framing rests and is installed. The total width of the trough flange including the framing is, respectively 250, 350 and 400 mm.
200/250 type trough is designed for SOLO radiators.
300/350 type trough is designed for DUO and QUATTRO radiators.
350/400 type trough is designed for DUBEL radiators.
It is possible to tailor the trough width to meet individual customer needs but only for aluminium platforms (exchange or sizing the trough to fit the existing openings in the floor, etc.).