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Grzejnik z wentylatorem

VENT type radiator is built exactly like standard REGULLUS or SOLLARIUS – the difference is the possibility to mount a fan – in the lower part of the aluminium lamellas is an excision. Mounting elements allows for easy clicking the fan in or out (or a fan unit in case of longer radiators). 

Fan unit is bought separately. Such unit is equipped with perforated cover, mounting elements and a set of electrical connection – socket, plug. Controls are optional. The user decides about length of connection cable. The fan unit can be bought together with “E: type radiator or the purchase can be postponed, if you have water heater, adapted for this function installed in your heating system. That way, whenever needed, you can significantly increase the power of installed radiator without increasing it’s size or without the need to swap it or oversize it. Water radiator, equipped with a fan, heats dynamically with variable power, according to needs of the user. 



Height: 300-1120 mm (DECOR version: 1385-1925)
Length: 600, 1000, 1400, 1800 mm
Width: 90 mm
side – GW 1/2 '' (internal thread)
bottom – GW 1/2 '' (internal thread, 50 mm spacing)
Operating pressure: 1,5 MPa
Operating temperature: up to+110°С
Water capacity: 0,31-2,38 dm³
Weight: 3,4-24,20 kg



Degreased. Powder painted. Available any colour from the RAL palette at catalogue price.

The offer also includes a special METALLIC version (except DECOR and PLAN group), heaters in metallic colour or painted with structure paints. When choosing this solution you should add 10% to netto catalogue price.

METALLIC version is characterized by special surface finishing resembling stainless steel. Burnished aluminium surface is coated with colourless powder paint.   



Room heating: In a mixed way: by intense, wide-angle thermal radiation from the front wavy heater surface and by convection -  the air is sucked in from the bottom through multiple convection chimneys of the heater and flows inside, becoming hot if contacted against the pipe and lamella surfaces, and then it flows out through the outer grille. By this double way of emitting heat the air is equally heated throughout the room.
How the REGULUS-system radiators emit heat
Illustration of heat dissipation by multidirectional surface radiation
REGULUS-system radiator
Illustration of heat dissipation by radiation perpendicular to the surface
Aluminium column radiator
Thermal radiation does not heat the air but the object, on which the heat beams fall. The hot surface secondarily heats the air by convection



Standard equipment
The standard equipment of the E-VENT type radiators includes:
  • manual air vent
  • hangers (stands for free-standing heaters)
  • gasket set
  • screws, rawlplugs
  • o-rings
  • thermostatic valve with presetting (in RD and SD heaters)
Additional accessories
The additional E-VENT radiator accessories include:
  • thermostatic head
  • thermostatic straight valve with presetting (not for RD or SD heaters)
  • thermostatic angle valve with presetting (not for RD or SD heaters)
  • TWINS set
  • Straight shut-off return valve
  • straight dual shut-off return valve
  • fan mounting set
  • fan with 30 cm cable ending with socket and with electric plug
  • fan controls – analogical option, as with canal vent heaters.