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REGULUS®-system REGULLUS radiators consist from two systems: the water system and the heat dissipation system.
The water system consists of equally distributed horizontal heat pipes of copper inside the radiator, which are fastened together at the ends with vertical copper cumulative collectors.  The pipe-to-collector seal is made by soldering (brazing solder).
The heat dissipation system consists of aluminium sheet lamellas which are vertically mounted in the heat pipes of the water system. The suitably bent front and back lamella edges fit tight, forming the front and the back walls of the radiator.
The combination of copper and aluminium is a dry connection and that is why no electrochemical phenomena occur in it.




Height: 135-1175 mm
Length: 400-2000 mm
Width: 90 mm
side – GW 1/2 '' (internal thread)
bottom – GW 1/2 '' (internal thread, 50 mm spacing)
Operating pressure: 1,5 MPa
Operating temperature: up to +110°С
Water capacity: 0,12-2,38 dm³
Weight: 0,8-21,9 kg



Degreasing and powder lacquering, in the standard version - white (RAL 9003). Any other colour from the RAL palette is available upon request.
In our offer there is 36 colours at a price of white radiator – R-RAINBOW – REGULUS COLOURS. Other colours from RAL palette are available at 10% extra charge.

Separate colour group REGULLUS METALLIC. Special surface finish resembling stainless steel. Polished aluminium surface of METALLIC radiators is covered with colourless powder paint. 10% extra charge.



Room heating: In a mixed way: by intense, wide-angle thermal radiation from the front wavy heater surface and by convection -  the air is sucked in from the bottom through multiple convection chimneys of the heater and flows inside, becoming hot if contacted against the pipe and lamella surfaces, and then it flows out through the outer grille. By this double way of emitting heat the air is equally heated throughout the room.
How the REGULUS-system radiators emit heat
Illustration of heat dissipation by multidirectional surface radiation
REGULUS-system radiator
Illustration of heat dissipation by radiation perpendicular to the surface
Aluminium column radiator
Thermal radiation does not heat the air but the object, on which the heat beams fall. The hot surface secondarily heats the air by convection



Standard equipment
The standard equipment of the REGULUS-system radiators includes:
  • manual air vent
  • hangers (stands for free-standing radiators)
  • gasket set
  • screws, rawlplugs
  • o-rings
  • thermostatic valve with presetting (in RD radiators)
Additional accessories
The REGULUS-system radiator accessories include:
  • thermostatic head
  • thermostatic straight valve with presetting (not for RD radiators)
  • thermostatic angle valve with presetting (not for RD radiators)
  • straight shut-off return valve ½ ''
  • angle shut-off return valve ½ ''
  • straight dual shut-off valve
  • angle dual shut-off valve

The REGULUS-system radiators are supplied with two ½" flat gaskets made of good quality material. These gaskets are a necessary and adequate element to properly connect the heater to the system (using the half unions of the shut-off or control valves).
The use of hemp or Teflon® is not only inadvisable but it can also make it significantly hard to make a durable connection.
The connection elements should be tightened up with torque not higher than 15 Nm.
Correct installation results in long and unattended operation of our products.

Mounting stand set

Mounting stands are used as an alternative to hangers for free-standing heaters.

The set includes:

  • stands,
  • rawlplugs Φ 10, length 5 cm,
  • screws Φ 5,5, length 6,5 cm,
  • steel washers Φ 18, thickness 1,5 cm
Low stands
for R1 radiators
Standard stands
for R1 radiators
Standard stands for
R2, R3 and R4 radiators
Standard stands 
for R5 radiators