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FRACTAL CANAL – natural convection

Modułowe ogrzewanie kanałowe Fractal Canal FRACTAL CANAL – properties
- copper-aluminium heat exchange
- a trough, platform frames and a heating element divided into shorter sections (modules) 
llow you to plan and assemble a heating canal of any length and thermal power
- the heaters quickly reach their full rated power for a given delivery temperature - low thermal inertia
- precise, energy-efficient and easily controllable heating
- high efficiency at low delivery temperatures
- high resistance to variable and high pressure
- lightweight – easy transport and assembly

- high corrosion resistance
- high efficiency thanks to the high-quality materials and components used
- long warranty for both open and closed systems 
- independent or auxiliary heating
- zonal heating – heating selected segments of larger rooms
- easy to arrange in interiors with complicated shape and high aesthetic demands
- high thermal comfort, lower heating costs
- protect the room against inflows of cold air
- protect glazing from fogging and moisture build-up

FRACTAL CANAL – application advantages:

  • transportation of canal heating elements on long distances is facilitated through reduction of its components to standard dimensions (Euro-pallet)
  • storage in sales outlets and at construction site is facilitated 
  • it is possible to select the final length and necessary heating capacity of a heating set directly at the investor’s at the construction site 
  • full sets can be assembled by the investor himself
  • it is possible to flexibly manipulate final lengths of heating sets in the event of lack of installation design or in order to adapt heating canal length to actual conditions of the installation location u


Trench heating FRACTAL CANAL find application in:

  • one-family and multi-family buildings – free space arrangement and heat can be supplied by the municipal heat distribution network
  • low-energy houses - the radiators can be included in any configuration of the central heating system
  • frame and wooden houses – can be installed regardless of the type of flooring, parquet, boards, panels, ceramic, carpet, laminate or stone
  • resort houses and bungalows - the radiators can be filled in with an antifreezing agent
  • public institutions, care facilities, educational buildings and offices
  • sacred buildings - active air mixing, even temperature distribution, moisture removal
  • sports venues, fitness centres, SPA facilities
  • sports venues, fitness centres, SPA facilities
  • storehouses and large buildings, industrial buildings - temperature can be temporarily lowered and some areas can even be excluded with an option to be quickly re-included in the heating programme
  • facilities with high moisture of air, swimming pools, car washes, winter garden, vessels as well as in the port infrastructure - high resistance to corrosion – heat exchanger warranty 10 years