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CANAL – natural convection

Underfloor trench heating - natural convection

CANAL – special features
- copper-aluminium heat exchanger
- small mass – low thermal inertia – quick reaction for heat input
- precise, energy-efficient and easily controllable heating - this means effective work in modern controlled central heating systems
- high efficiency at low delivery temperatures - heat is emitted even when the difference between the radiator temperature and the ambient one is slight
- high resistance to variable and high pressure
- lightweight – easy transport and assembly
- high corrosion resistance
- long warranty for both open and closed systems 

trough depth is suited for heat demands (from 10 to 70 cm) and assembly technical capabilities
- independent or auxiliary heating
- zonal heating – heating selected segments of larger rooms
- easy to arrange in interiors with complicated shape and high aesthetic demands
- protect the room against inflows of cold air
- protect glazing from fogging and moisture build-up
- 25 year warranty for tightness

Trench Heating CANAL find application in:

  • one-family and multi-family buildings – free space arrangement and heat can be supplied by the municipal heat distribution network
  • low-energy houses - the radiators can be included in any configuration of the central heating system
  • frame and wooden houses – can be installed regardless of the type of flooring, parquet, boards, panels, ceramic, carpet, laminate or stone
  • resort houses and bungalows - the radiators can be filled in with an antifreezing agent
    public institutions, care facilities, educational buildings and offices
  • sacred buildings - active air mixing, even temperature distribution, moisture removal
  • sports venues, fitness centres, SPA facilities
  • cultural buildings, banks, tourist, trade and catering establishments
  • storehouses and large buildings, industrial buildings - temperature can be temporarily lowered and some areas can even be excluded with an option to be quickly re-included in the heating programme
  • facilities with high moisture of air, swimming pools, car washes, winter garden, vessels as well as in the port infrastructure - high resistance to corrosion – heat exchanger warranty 10 years