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The era of radiators precisely dosing heat - REGULUS-system radiators is coming

Are we seeing the end of wall-mounted radiators? Nothing of the sort. Of course, we are seeing the end of radiators typically used in housing projects - finned or plate, heavy radiators, located under the window and always painted white. Increasingly warmer construction, better heat-storing construction materials force changes. In such buildings, the indoor temperature is stabilised by all partitions heated to the desired temperature, such as the walls, ceiling and floor, as well as furnishings.

After reaching the preset interior temperature, the role of the radiator is reduced to precise supplementation of current heat losses. In connection with small thermal needs, smaller radiators provide heat only for a fraction of the day - a bit longer during cold weather, especially at night, while during transitional periods they actually heat the building for a very short time. Therefore, the periods in which central heating does not need to heat at all are getting longer. Underfloor heating, which emits heat permanently is also slowly becoming obsolete.                                                    

The more precise is a radiator, the better for the user's budget and for thermal comfort. When the preset temperature is reached, the radiator should stop heating as soon as possible.

With the warm walls and windows, the radiator does not have to be placed under a window but can be located next to it, on a pillar, on an empty wall, inside the wall (INSIDE- system), or in the floor (CANAL-system).

Heating using REGULUS-system radiators allows for achieving indoor isothermy (temperature is stabilized by partitions) as well as precision in the dosage of heat, impossible to be obtained by any other radiator system.

REGULUS-system SOLLARIUS radiator