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REGLUS METALLIC radiators feature special surface finish. METALLIC version gains unique luster as a result of polishing of aluminium elements of the radiator, and covering them with colourless powder paint. This realization, resembling stainless steel, fully highlights raw beauty of raw metal. Contrary to appearances, METALLIC radiators can be successfully used not only in arrangements full of glass and concrete, but also in traditional, classic interiors and regional wooden housing.


Simple design of METALLIC radiators perfectly harmonizes with arrangement of the log house in Zakopane

METALLIC radiators are notably universally applicable version. They fit into any interior, historic as well as ultramodern, through monumental and wooden-recreational. METALLIC perfectly fit into toned down, minimalistic color scheme and presents itself equally well on a wall of intense, contrasting colour – it enlivens the space, and emphasizes audacity of the arrangement.  


METALLIC is excellent for modern interiors, ideally blends into spacious reception next to a glass block wall

The advantages of METALLIC radiators are not limited to aesthetics. They flawlessly fulfill their basic function which is room heating. Like all radiators from REGULUS-system family, they have copper heat exchanger and aluminium casing. Heat emission takes place by radiation and convection. Interior is warmed up evenly, and there is no uncomfortable colder air zone near the floor. Low water capacity and small overall weight makes them highly controllable. Their merits show especially in the transition periods – autumn and spring – with significant temperature fluctuations, when you have to quickly increase interior temperature or stop the heating process fast, in case of intense insolation.

Copper and aluminium have high thermal conductivity coefficient (several times over steel and cast iron), which favors intense heat spread over whole radiator structure and giving it up even with low difference in temperatures (heater and exterior).

METALLIC radiators, like all REGULLUS-systems heaters they can be used without restictions in open and closed central heating, and also in every type of installation made of copper, plastic or traditional steel. They are perfect for low-temperature heat sources: condensing boilers, solid fuel boilers and heat pumps. Like other from REGULLUS-system family, because of their construction, they are resistant to corrosion and pressure changes in installation, which significantly increases their lifespan.


REGULUS-system heaters don’t have any welds and seals, which have to be concealed with thick layer of paint.
METALLIC does not offend, it’s elegant and greatly complements interior design.

METALLIC crafstmanship will give any interior an uncomparable design. Cool shine will bring up an elegant minimalism, and will give a strong accent on a contrasting wall or will be a unique, industrial addition. Lustrous on wooden logs will bring up a distinct character. METALLIC will surely change every space and will give it an individual flavor and style.