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All roads lead to REGULUS heaters? Central heating radiator systems – wall, in-wall and duct heaters.

Heating  market in Poland adopted the name "reguluses" with respect to products REGULUS®-system in Bielsko-Biala. Synonym “reguluses” = “dynamic heaters” has become universal.

Dynamic heater is the one that with a small expenditure of energy, quickly reaches its full potency, proper to the applied heating medium. Its dynamics is direct result of its small mass (heater + water it contains) and also from high efficiency of absorbing heat from water in installation and transferring that heat to environment. Such heating can easily start and stop. The inertia of the system is minimal. Quick stopping of heating is important not only because of heating costs, but also the key to particularly high thermal comfort that can be achieved through the use of Regulus radiators. Thus, economics and comfort. With the rapid growth of insulation in transitional period or the appearance of unexpected heat gains,  and those are countless in modern buildings, properly controlled installation with “reguluses” stops heating quickly and just as quickly returning to work. Heat energy produced by any source is dispensed with high precision.

Unique features of Regulus heaters are the result of many of their characteristics, including the following:
- The specific structure - the water system of copper, heat dissipation system of aluminum,
- High thermal conductivity - copper and aluminum,
- Low weight of heater with water,
- A large heat exchange surface - much higher than in other types of heaters.

Construction of Regulus heaters is similar to the cooler. They are high-performance heat exchanger. Water flows through copper coil and the heat is transferred to the surroundings through the aluminum heat emitters. The high share of radiation from the undulated surface of the heater makes the heat distribution very even throughout a room.
In addition to weight, the second important parameter distinguishing Regulus heaters from other heaters is heat transfer surface. They have about 50% more surface of contact with heated air that the panel radiators of the same size. Increased contact area means more efficient heating in low-performance heating medium. Therefore Regulus heaters are also low temperature radiators.
They are an excellent starting point for system cooling and a heating - fan coil units.

Product for forward-thinking

Construction of the central heating system is a long-term, usually one-time investment. Interior design and even floor tiles you can change over time. No one, however, when building heating system, do not think of its exchange in the future. Exception to this is heat source, which wears out. Heat distribution system (radiators) should be universal and developmental. The heating system is permanently associated with each building – for years. It is therefore necessary to seek the heater that is enduring, economically working, providing thermal comfort and healthy microclimate in residential interiors.
Regulus heaters are 100% made ​​of copper and aluminum, corrosion-proof, resistant to high pressure. Able to work with any heat source. 25 years warranty.