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Heater selection

The preservation of steady temperature as may be desirable by users underpins their feeling of thermal comfort.
The thermal comfort temperature is generally assumed to be the temperature range spanning 18 - 21oC at normal humidity of air.
Carefully selected in terms of their heating power, the Regulus heaters shall assure the desirable feeling of thermal comfort.

Regulus heaters are produced in various heights and lengths. A vast array of dimensions guarantees optimal selection of heater size to fit in with the surroundings and to correspond with the heating power capacity needs. If the scheme does not provide heaters’ specification, then, we do encourage entrusting this problem for resolving to professionals availing of professional heater selection applications. This way, underestimating or overestimating of real needs in this aspect should be avoided.

Usually, during winter time, the working temperature of the system equals 55-65oC. Its raising is needed only at times of more pronounced temperature drops, and especially so in cases of long term falls.
If system is developed without any recourse to at least some rough calculations being made, then, it is the investor, who shall be liable for the resultant faults, inclusive of faults pertaining to heater selection.

The demand for heat of a room of standard height i.e. 2.60m may span from 30 up to even 200 W/m².
Where does this incredible difference come from? It comes from a number of factors that determine the heat balance of a room.
The air temperature in a room is kept constant, when heat loss that occurs through walls and wall openings, as well as through ceiling and floor, is entirely compensated by a heat source being placed in such a room.
The demand for heat is variable and it depends mainly on the temperature that prevails outdoors. If heat source gives out less of it than such room looses out, then, the room cools down; but if it gives out too much heat, then, the room warms up excessively.