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S-CORNER – flat outlet grille, corner radiator – angle 90º

Corner radiator S-Corner

SOLLARIUS S-CORNER – particular features:
- components made of copper and aluminium
- mixed heat emission: radiation + convection
- very large wavy heat exchange area - a very important feature in heating based on low temperatures of the heating factors (condensing boilers or heat pumps)
- high efficiency at low delivery temperatures - copper and aluminium have high thermal conductivity (several times higher than steel or cast iron) - heat is emitted even when the difference between the radiator temperature and the ambient one is slight
- low empty weight and low water capacity mean high heating dynamics; the heaters quickly reach their full rated power for a given delivery temperature - low thermal inertia
- low thermal inertia allow for precise, energy-efficient and easily controllable heating - this means effective work in modern controlled central heating systems
- high resistance to variable and high pressure

SOLLARIUS S-CORNER radiators find application in:

  • one-family and multi-family buildings - where heat can be supplied by the municipal heat distribution network, wide range of length and height, the arms of the radiator can be of different length, total length of the arms does not exceed 200 cm
  • low-energy houses - the radiators can be included in any configuration of the central heating system
  • frame and wooden houses - very light radiators mean easy transport and installation, even on gypsum walls
  • resort houses and bungalows - the radiators can be filled in with an antifreezing agent
    buildings with old type systems - 50 mm spacing (as in traditional fins and panels) is available 
    civic buildings and offices
  • educational buildings and social care centres - low surface temperature
  • sacred buildings - active air mixing, even temperature distribution, moisture removal
  • sports venues, fitness centres, SPA facilities
  • cultural buildings, banks, tourist, trade and catering establishments
  • storehouses and large buildings, industrial buildings - temperature can be temporarily lowered and some areas can even be excluded with an option to be quickly re-included in the heating programme
  • facilities with high moisture of air, swimming pools, car washes, winter garden, vessels as well as in the port infrastructure - high resistance to corrosion