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Control fittings

Company thermostatic heads: we recommend our brand REGULUS liquid sensor heads with clamping nut M30 x 1,5; closing dimension: 11,5 mm, stroke 2,5 mm (the REGULUS-system radiators have valve inserts from Vario Term).

REGULUS-system head, white
REGULUS-system head, golden
REGULUS-system head, satin

The thermostatic heads comply with DN EN215 (PN-90/M-75010)

Głowice firmowe – specifications:
  • range: 8°C-30°C (16°C-30°C)
  • max. ambient temp.: 50°C
  • closing time: 24 min.
  • impact of differential pressure: <0,2 K
  • hysteresis: 0,3 K
  • impact of heating factor temp: <0,5 K


The REGULUS thermostatic head is a heater thermoregulator in a modern ergonomic shape. It allows for maintenance of desired thermal comfort in the room, with the heat gains from other sources, e.g. from humans, lighting and heat of the sun taken into account.
Due to its structure, it ensures the ease of maintenance of cleanliness, hence nothing can replace it in hospital, sanatorium or school rooms.
REGULUS-system thermostatic head is adapted for work in tandem with heater valves made by:
  • Vario Term typ SFP i SFK
  • Heimeier
  • Schlösser style Tec-Sets
  • reliable liquid sensor
  • control knob with digital marking
  • protection against freezing 8°C
  • body made of good quality plastic
thermostatic straight valve
thermostatic angle valve
straight shut-off valve
angle shut-off valve
straight dual shut-off valve
angle dual shut-off valve